Gumnuts I

Hand Cut Paper & Acrylic
85cm x 85cm framed
The Australian bush is unique and wondrous with it’s contrasting harshness and beauty. The Gum trees are really quite special in their ability to regenerate after bushfires with most Eucalypts having developed ways to not only withstand fires but flourish because of them. Some with thick, tough bark protecting new leaf buds sitting in reserve, and others with woody seedpods that react with the heat of the fire to create new growth. Some Eucalypts can only reproduce with the seed’s exposure to fire.

It’s a perfect example of the cycles of nature where new life is created through what we humans would usually consider disaster and destruction. Fire is in fact an essential element in the continuation of the species and once again, this is a fascinating example of how everything has a purpose and everything is connected.
Gumnuts I